Our Values

We take immense pride that in nearly two decades we have maintained every client relationship that we’ve built. Our clients don’t just stay with us. Many have referred us to other governments and agencies — a true testament to the quality of our work.

Finally, we’re excited about the future and in progressing our industry forward. Our HSCloud platform is the only solution that allows public health agencies to customize their data collection, data output and databasing to suit their needs. Our HSTouch platform is the only solution that handles all aspects of the inspection process on an iPad or Android tablet.

To our clients, we thank you for your continued business. And to our future clients, we look forward to welcoming you to the family.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to be the leading provider of public and environmental health software solutions in North America.

It’s our vision to put an iPad or tablet into the hands of every inspector, freeing them from time-wasting paperwork and making them truly mobile.

Our Core Values

Stakeholders Come First

We embody the belief that serving our clients, investors and other stakeholders is our top priority. And we strive to do so at all times to the best of our ability.

Poor Quality is Not an Option

We understand that the quality of our work, our products and our services can mean the difference between life and death. Poor or low quality work is not an option.

We Are Proactive, Not Reactive

We strive to be a leading innovator in public and environmental health solutions. Every HealthSpace team member takes a proactive approach to identifying and solving problems.

Promises Are Commitments

When we make a promise to one of our stakeholders, it’s a commitment that we keep.

HealthSpace is One Team

Regardless of where they might be physically located, every employee is a member of the same team. We work together to achieve our goals and to improve our clients’ outcomes.

Celebrate Success, Learn From Failure

When an employee, department or HealthSpace succeeds, we all share in that success. Likewise, when we fail we strive to learn everything we can from that failure to avoid future challenges.