Our History

Since our founding in 1998, the HealthSpace team has worked to ensure that governments and regulatory agencies have the ability to gather and access the data needed to make decisions that improve public health. We appreciate that every hour we put into our work can mean that an extra life is saved. Every member of the HealthSpace team works tirelessly to pursue excellence in how inspection data is collected and analyzed.

We’re proud to have served our clients with innovative public health inspection, data collection and analysis software for nearly two decades. And with the recent launch of HSCloud, HSTouch and our data services, we’re excited about the future.

1998 - HealthSpace is Founded

HealthSpace is launched by public health inspector John Halstad and database specialist Andrew Price with a vision of developing inspection, information and communication management systems for federal, state, county and municipal governments.

1999 - Our First Contract

Shortly after our launch, we found our first client: the Fraser Valley Health Region. In 2001, they merged with two other public health entities into what is now known as the Fraser Health Authority. They’re still a client of ours today.

2000 - HealthSpace USA is Founded

Before long, it was clear that HealthSpace was headed south. In 2000 our US subsidiary was incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia with the goal of advancing public health throughout the United States.

2001 - Our First US Client

It quickly became clear that there was a demand for better public and environmental health software solutions in the USA. Shortly after our US launch we closed our first client: the Virginia Department of Health.

2003 - Bringing Public Health Data to the Public

In working with the Virginia Department of Health we launched the world’s first publicly-accessible website for restaurant health inspection data.

2004 - Health Canada Joins the HealthSpace Family

In 2004 we welcomed Health Canada to our growing family of clients.

2005 - Public Health for Cruise Ships and Public Conveyances

In working with Health Canada, our team was able to deliver another first: a live public health inspection system for cruise ships. What made this system special was its ability to report on-board gastrointestinal disease outbreaks via satellite while still at sea.

2013 - HealthSpace Goes Private

Throughout the late 2000s and into the current decade, HealthSpace continued to grow and evolve while providing its clients with industry-leading public and environmental health software solutions. In 2013, the HealthSpace management team instituted a buyout of all HealthSpace shares, leading to a new ownership group.

2014 - HealthSpace Goes Mobile

In 2014, HealthSpace acquired the first mobile public health inspection apps for iPad and Android tablets.

2015 - HealthSpace Empowers the Public

Our shift to mobile technology has allowed for an incredible amount of data to be opened up to consumers in the markets that we serve. In 2015 we launched a new public-facing website which gives users the ability to search and view restaurant inspections from any smartphone.

2015 - HealthSpace Goes Public

In late 2015, HealthSpace became a publicly-traded company. We are listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange under the ticker “HS".

2016 - The Next Generation of HealthSpace Software

In 2016 we released a fully-revamped public and environmental health software suite: HSCloud and HSTouch. HSCloud is a cloud-based solution that each of our clients can configure for their specific data collection and analysis needs. HSTouch for iPad and Android are mobile apps that allow inspectors to gather field data that syncs directly into their main database with no need for manual data entry.