Conduct paperless field inspections from any place, at any time, even without an internet or data connection. 

Easily conduct paperless field inspections anywhere, even without an internet or data connection.

Available on Apple, Android, and Windows devices.


Spend more time on tasks that matter and less time fumbling with outdated inspection forms.

Quickly and easier load digital copies of all previous inspections so your inspectors know who and what to focus on without wasting time sifting through old files.

Effortlessly load and complete inspections anywhere, even without an internet or data connection.

HealthSpace Touch works even without an internet or data connection, and is compact enough to go anywhere. No more lugging around laptops while inspecting wells, septic system, mobile sights, small kitchens, or tight spaces.

Works offline

Intuitive interface

Improve reporting accuracy.

No more problems reading messy handwriting or worrying about physical copies getting destroyed. Our cloud storage process means digital copies are updated and stored automatically, meaning no more worrying about sifting through rows and rows of old, useless files.