Mass Contact Tracing and Surveillance

Fully automate advanced contact tracing on an unlimited number of contacts

A platform designed to automate and simplify contact tracing. 

Simplified Collection

Send out text and email notifications with a daily symptom survey


All elements are configurable to each jurisdiction’s specific needs and geographical context or use case

Cloud Based

Securely manage contacts and their symptoms in a cloud based environment

Eliminate cold calling. Automate surveillance.

Contact tracing can consume valuable time and resources. Implementing a platform to automatically contact and collect the information amplifies the power of contact tracing which is vital to public health

Deeper insights through simpler means

Each contact setup for tracing will receive a unique and secure link via text message and/or email to trace their symptoms for that day.  Collect the information you need while also monitoring the negative social aspects that often come in times of outbreak.  

Expand the reach while increasing the speed of contact tracing

When a person reports contact with a new person - or visiting a public location such as a grocery store - within the last 24 hours, the platform allows them to provide basic information on that person. The platform can then automatically send an alert from their local health officials notifying them they may have been exposed and they are going to be asked to report any symptoms daily for 14 days. This new contact - possible exposure - can then be enrolled in the symptom surveillance and their own contacts tracing.

Make informed decisions in real-time.

All information collected daily for every contact is available in real time via a dashboard view inside HealthSpace’s secure, cloud based platform. Local health officials can run reports and reach out - based on certain symptom thresholds - to contacts directly.


The platform can be deployed within 48 hours to any jurisdiction in North America.

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